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About us

silentflicks have been creating bespoke custom flickbooks (or flip books) since 2006.

You can upload your video, and we will lovingly produce a printed video flick book.

You can edit and preview your flickbook (flip book) virtually before you send to print - meaning you can get your flickbook (flip book just how you want it.

We've created flick books for personal gifts, birthdays, valentine keepsakes and even a marriage proposal or two (successful, obviously).

Silentflicks flickbooks (flip books) have even been to the sundance film festival, Cannes, and gone home with countless wedding guests as a permanent reminder of that special day.

Whatever idea you have for silentflicks flick books, you can test it out virtually here.


Minimum order quantity is 1 flickbook. For multiple flick books our flickbook pricing is based on a cumulative structure, with unit costs decreasing with quantity. This is based on the standard size flickbook. For bespoke sizes, page counts and cover options (minimum order quantity 30pcs), please see our custom page.

Based on our standard flickbook:

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Type Quantity Price Total
First one 1 @ £9.90ea 9.90
then 2-10 9 @ £6.45ea 58.05
then 11-50 40 @ £4.50ea 180.00
then 51-100 50 @ £3.50ea 175.00
Total / Average £ per flickbook 100 @ £4.23ea £422.95

* for QTYs 1000+ please contact us