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Your privacy

Your privacy is paramount to our business. Frankly we couldn't give two ****s as to what else you get up to online. We have no interest in knowing what other products / services you may have looked at, will not share any usage / data

You will not find a Facebook "like" button

How do we store your uploads?

Your uploads and associated derivatives (automatically extracted flickbook content page images, video edits etc) are stored on our servers in an encrypted form, and are not directly accessible except via a logged-in account. Uploads older than one month are backed up offline in the encrypted form, and removed from our online servers unless specifically made public by you.

We actually print your flickbooks

Obviously anything you wish to receive in physical form will need to be printed. So it will be seen by someone other that you. Of course, discretion is assured.

Tracked postage.

By default small quantity orders (say, one or two flickbooks) are sent by Royal Mail First Class post. You can request tracked postage, and we will charge you for it at the carrier's direct cost. We will wait in a queue for free,